About Us

Hanging pictures has always been a frustrating job no matter who you are. Leveling, Aligning, hammering nails or drilling through expensive art leaves most people feeling annoyed!  ... not to mention pictures constantly being knocked off level and needing to be straighten!


Kenan Perry,  inventor of Klingtek™ Kling-Mounts™ and the TS™ Align Tool, has been in the Sign and Graphics business since 1999 and is all too familiar with these problems. 


A Love of Art and Design coupled with years of industry experience led to the creation of Kling-Mounts™. 

 "I am very excited to bring a product to market that will encourage creativity and help creative people display their work is the best possible way!"   -  Kenan J. Perry


Klingtek™ is Located in Southern California, USA. 


Klingtek™ has been developing Kling-Mounts™ with the help of the 3M Company* to ensure optimum quality and strength of adhesive options.

The Klingtek™ Sytem and Kling-Mount™ products are Patent Pending.



* Klingtek Kling-Mounts™ is not affiliated with the 3M company.
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