Q. Which Kling-Mount™ option Do I need?


A: Kling-Mounts have TWO different options to attach your picture. There’s the ADHESIVE option that bonds the back of your picture to the mount and then there is the HOOK Fastener option that bonds to the LOOP (or Velcro Loop) on the back of your picture/object. You will need to apply LOOP (Velcro Loop) part to the back of your picture.


Depending on your specific needs the ADHESIVE option on all Kling-Mounts offers the strongest properties for Dynamic Strength (short term strength) and Long term Weight Capacity and although it is more of a permanent option it still is relatively simple to remove a picture using the removal line.


The Hook Fastener option is designed to be even easier for removal and re-install making it great for when you need to change out displays on your wall. The Hook Fastener option does not have the same Dynamic Strength (short term strength) as the ADHESIVE option.


Use Kling-Mount ADHESIVE option:


1) to keep picture ‘always level’

2) for Dynamic Strength. (Kid, Vandal, and Earthquake Resistant!)

3) for more permanent application (that picture is staying on the wall for a while!)


Recommended For: Acrylic Prints/Art, Metal Prints/Art, Signs, Menus, Dry-erase boards, Mirrors, Rigid Foam-board prints/art/signs, I-Pads, other electronic devices


Use Kling-Mount HOOK FASTENER option:


1) if you change out display/picture often

2) for the easiest way to remove and re-install a picture/display

3) if you are not concerned about the picture being pulled off the wall.


Recommended For: Acrylic Prints/Art, Metal Prints/Art, Signs, Menus, Dry-erase boards, Rigid Foam-board prints/art/signs, I-Pads, other electronic devices (light weight)


Q. What can you stick (bond) to Kling-Mounts?

A: As with all adhesives, a CLEAN and SMOOTH surface if needed to bond to. We recommend use with ACRYLIC, PVC (Plastic), METAL, GLASS only. If you are using to bond to other materials always test first. Please read more in the Technical Info section.

Q. How many do I need?

A.  Most pictures need 1 Kling-Mount in each corner (4 total). The Safe Recommended Weight capacity for using 4 Kling-Mounts is  8 lbs / 4 Kgs. (see technical info.

If your picture is heavier than the recommended weight guidelines simply add more Kling-Mounts. (e.g install 2 additional Kling-Mounts in the center of the picture)

 Q. How do I install?

 A: See Install Video or download PDF install instructions Here.

Also, each order comes with instructions and TS-guide tools. 

Please note, SOME DRILLING MAY BE REQUIRED. The KITS come with Screws but you may need wall anchors (self-drilling/screwing) for drywall applications... these can be found at your local hardware store.

Q. How do I remove a picture from the wall if I have used the ADHESIVE option?

A. Picture Removal for ADHESIVE option is done using REMOVAL LINE. Simply loop around the Kling-Mount and cut through adhesive using a back and forth motion. Do this one Kling-Mount at a time and have a second person holding the picture while you do this. ALWAYS Refer to Installation Instructions.